Short website guide of our association.

Contacts and communication with us

Phone numbers, e-mail address. Registration for a consultation, training, impressions, feedback, exchange of experience.

In honour of Park Jae Woo

Park Jae Woo is the founder of Su Jok therapy. The page is dedicated to his memory. Go to page

Consultation and treatment

You can register for a consultation and treatment to a professor L.Semenova and to other doctors of the Centre.


During its existence, the association has trained more than 3 thousand specialists in Su Jok therapy. Doctors and medical workers are invited to the training. But you can master the easy methods of Su Jok therapy in order to be able to help your relatives and yourself. Go to page

The content language of the pages is Russian

Help for students

You can have a look at the plans of the lessons or download them: a chart of pleonasm feautures and lack of energy in 12 major meridians of the book of the founder of reflexology, Doctor of Medicine, a professor Gavaa Luvsan. The list of indications and contraindications for the use of acupuncture methods in medical practice from the book of Doctor of Medicine, a professor Eugenia Leonidovna Macheret.
To upload the visual aids, explaining a matching system, described by Park Jae Woo.
Su Jok calendar gives the explanation of the main purpose of the calendar, work hours, analytic methods of "apparent moon", error correction tables of time, programme of clock synchronizing, table of the beginning of Korean year and the characteristics of the energy branches and trunks from 1900 to 2039 for downloading.
Students' impressions about training and practical experience gained by applying this method. Photos.

Introduction to Su Jok methods

Su Jok: simple aid methods of giving help to your relatives and yourself

Su Jok methods, based on the correspondence system, easy to use. But these are not the "formulas" for a mechanical repetition. Su Jok requires clear understanding of what you are doing. Even then these simple methods will help your relatives and you. Please note, in some cases Su Jok is a method of pre-hospital care, a house call by a physician is required. It should be taken into consideration the contraindications for some patients and features of Su Jok therapy for weak, older people and children. And, at last, a long experience of Su Jok study, and just a common sense, show that even a good book will not help you to master this method of treatment. It is important to undergo a practical training.

Su Jok major methods (for doctors).

Some of Su Jok major methods, which require a specialist's qualification.
Notice that except for acupuncture, there are some other important non-invasive methods of treatment.

Su Jok Literature

A complete overview, leaflets, list of books and magazines with the content in the downloaded file.

Su Jok Glossary

Explanations of the basic terms of Su Jok therapy, occurring in the training of the first and second cycles.

Activity of Association

Exchange of Experience

Doctors' experience - the members of our Association, cases from a long-term practice of a professor L.Semenova, clinical practice reports of our graduates, presented at the certification exam.

Su Jok and healthy lifestyle

Cooperation of Ukrinian Association of Su Jok Acuupuncture with Kyiv Local Health Centre.
How Su Jok methods can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Free school of health

Ukrinian Association of Su Jok Acuupuncture with Kyiv Local Health Centre have regular trainings
in permanent "Free School of Health: Su Jok for Everybody"

Subjects of trainings: prevention of seasonal diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by Su Jok methods.
    » To register for a training and to find out the time and place of regular sessions you can find on page "School of Health".

TV and the press about us

TV programmes, interviews and articles in press for the last years.