emblem of Su Jok Association

The Association unites the specialists, who apply the methods of Su Jok therapy, found by Park Jae Woo , Korea.

The president of our Association is a neuroscientist, a student of Park Jae Woo, a sponsor of the First Su Jok World Conference, Kyiv, 1992, a translator of a first Su Jok book into Russian language Guide to Su Jok (hand foot) Acupuncture, a professor Luidmyla Aleksandrovna Semenova. More than three thousand of her students in our country and abroad use the methods of Su Jok therapy in their work.

Ukrainian Association of Su Jok Acupuncture

The main targets of Association are as follows:
Education of Su Jok therapy, consultation and treatment, postgraduate education, research and exchange of experience.

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a professor Luidmyla Aleksandrovna Semenova
 tel.: 044-227-62-53, 050-311-10-53, 096-443-78-20


Under the sponsorship of Association, the Ukrainian Centre of Su Jok Acupuncture works in Kyiv, it has its brancehs in different cities of Ukraine and all over the world.
Consultation and Treatmnet. The main method of treatment in the Centre is Su Jok therapy.
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