In memory of Park Jae Woo

In memory of Park Jae Woo

Park Jae Woo March, 11, 1942 - March, 25, 2010

A founder of Su Jok therapy.In memory of Park Jae Woo Kyiv


Summary of Park Jae Woo's seminars

If you failed to put a finger on the right spot of compliance on one hand, try to do it on the other one. The doctor must not retreat. If you retreat, you are defeated by the spirit of disease. There is a resistance during treatment, the battle of two spirits and the spirit of your illness. Try to find more fixed points and other points, which can maintain this ilness. Always put the needles in special condition, willing to help. Without strain, softly, gently, quietly. With a feeling of full responsibility. On the whole, it is a special condition. There has to be a moral certainty that disease can be cured completely through these points. What is this confidence based on? It is a system of Creator Himself. It was created by Creator in order to help patients.
Su Jok acupuncture includes love of Creator. As the creation of the hand belongs to Creator, it is possible to say that Su Jok is His creation. It is not a Korean system. A professor doesn't consider it to be a system of Park Jae Woo. It is a system of Creator himself. A holy method of treatment. Su Jok method includes a spiritual aspect. If someone came only to get practical policies, it means that he hasn't a clear goal. However, if the person understands a spiritual aspect of the method, it motivates him to master the method and to become an expert by himself. You will acquire all necessary knowledge, it will be in your consciousness forever and ever. Because Creator created hands, placed some healing systems there. In response to this, our task is to study them, to understand their meaning and usage. When you learn this method - it is, in actual fact, a pathway to perception and the approach to Creator Himself, because it is His system. Sometimes the doctor is fmiliar with many anatomical and physiological nuances. But when it is high time for practice, the result can not be achieved. There are some other examples of it. A person doesn't have a medical education, but he treats perfectly. A right answer occurs, when we need it most of all. For instance, if the person faces difficulties in treating some diseases and he understands this method only on methodological level, he gives up immediately and considers that this method does not work, switching to another therapy at once. But if the person understands a spiritual essence of the method, the absolute trust in Creator, who created all these systems, he will never behave in such way. First of all, he will never give up. Because he is led by the idea: if it is created by Creator, there has to be a result with proper treatment. You just need to study this case deeper and to understand how to treat it. He tries to find the reason in himself, not in the method. A man, who treats with spiritual understanding of the method, treats not from himself. He treats on behalf of Creator, who cretaed all these systems.
There is a fundamental expert - key of knowledge, which will allow to find answers on raised questions. If this key really exsists, the key to universal knowledge, we should pay a considerable attention to it. It is the most interesting thing. Because it is a fundamental law, which will respond to different questions. On such kind of questions like: How to treat a patient? How to succeed in life, at work? A variety of topics with one key. But there is a hierarchy among the master of keys. There is a supreme master key. Are you interested in supreme master key? Do you want to know how to have it? Our seminar is dedicated to all these things: to acquire master key knowledge. It is a Triorigin theory:
1. Triorigin power – neito, hetero, homo, neutro .
2. Triorigin model.
3. Triorigin sequence order.

On every seminar Park Jae Woo showed more advanced methods of Su Jok therapy. 2007 Park Jae Woo 2007

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