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Prof. Luidmyla Semenova: was mastering this method of treatment, now she teaches the other poeple. Education is the major purpose of our Association

For many of us, learning Su Jok therapy became an important event in our lives, which changed it completely, in the better sense of it. Nevertheless, Su Jok therapy is not only a method of treatment. It helped to change your ideology, attitude to people, to life as a whole.
Thus, before deciding whether to go for a learning or not, look through the pages, make sure that your decision is justified.
For some of us, this decision was one of the most important in our life.

Who is invited for a learning

First of all, doctors, medical staff.
Look through the pages of sharing experience on the site, sections of Su Jok exchange of experience on page "Literature", list of diseases, which were effectively treated by Su Jok therapy.

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Pain syndromes;
Diseases of respiratory system;
Diseases of urogenital system;
Gastrointestinal problems;
Diseases of musculoskeletal system;
Diseases of endocrine system;
Vascular heart diseases;

A lot of diseases can be treated with a help of Su Jok methods, except those one, which require emergency surgery. Su Jok therapy can be as main, as the additional method of treatment. However, the effectiveness of the method, as in other sphere of medicine, depends on specialist's qualification, his attitude to patients.
Perhaps this sphere in comparison with other spheres requires to modify the method according to the personal needs of the patient. It is a simple consequence of the principle "Treat not a disease, but the patient". It goes without saying that it is not the only approach in medicine, but the practice of Sujok therapy is based on it.

Is it possible to master Su Jok therapy, if you don't have a medical edication?

There are three worthy goals, which can be achieved with a help of Su Jok training:
To treat people.
To help sick relatives and friends.
To help people in case of emergency.

To treat people

During a long period of Su Jok training, our students discovered a vocation in a medical sphere and then even began studying at medical institutions.

To help sick relatives and friends

With a help of simple Su Jok methods, you will be able to help your friends and yourself to get rid of a headache, to relieve a toothache, to improve your sleep or, vice versa, to manage with sleepiness, to calm down after agitation anxiety, to stop the beginning of cold. The list can be proceeded. The main thing is that you should understand these simple, but usual situations in everyday life. Such kind of Su Jok methods do not require additional purchases at the pharmacy. But Su Jok methods do not have a similarity with the recipes of self-treatment: why not to try this remedy, who knows, maybe it will help. Su Jok methods are used consciously, you should know exactly why it is going to help the patient.

To help sick relatives and friends. An important case

If one of your relatives is cured by a specialist of Su Jok therapy, it is necessary to maintain a good state of health in some cases, in order to prevent his disease to come back. For instance, a person continues to work at the smae job, which requires a lot of efforts. Once such kind of situation was the main cause of his disease. The acquired knowledge how to prevent the disease in this case can be of great importance to you.

Chronic illness of a loved one

In many cases, with a help of Su Jok therapy you can relieve the condition of a loved one and even, in the course of time, to cure disease. But it would be wiser to consult an expert of Su Jok therapy at first. Do not experiment in this case, learning some methods from the books. One and the same disease ņan require different treatment for different kind of people.

Prevention of acute and exigent condition

How to prevent apoplectic and heart attack. What to do if you have high blood pressure you can find on page "Su Jok: simple methods of help to your family and yourself"  Go to a tabbed page (a content language of the page is Russian)

Health and Beauty Support

Su Jok methods are very effective in this case. Just learn how to use these methods. To begin with, look through the book of Park Jae Woo "Be a Doctor to Yourself", the second chapter. Try to implement "Spiral Gymnastics." It is just a few minutes a day. In order to learn how to do it, watch the video.

To help people in case of emergency

First-aid techniques and methods of Su Jok therapy in case of emergency you can find on page "Su Jok: simple methods of help to your family and yourself"  Go to the tabbed page (a content language of the page is Russian)

Details, plans of the lessons of page "Help for Students"  Got to a tabbed page (a content language of the page is Russian)

Registration for a learning

By phone or by e-mail on page  Contacts